Local Parish Council Members from 2 May 2019 to present day
Mr Jonathan Perry - Chairman
Mrs Heather Kemp - Clerk
Mr John Walker - Vice Chairman / Treasurer / Tree Warden
Mrs Patricia Hollard
Mr Roger Beale
Mrs Patricia Amos
Ms Nicola Dodd - Website
Mrs Linda Vijeh - SDC Representative 
Mrs Sue Osborne - SSDC Representative
Meetings take place bi-monthly at Speke Hall at 7.30pm on a Monday unless otherwise noted
Parish Council AGM
As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and following emergency legislation and regulations by the Secretary of State the decision has been made to cancel the Annual Parish Council Meeting on the 11th May 2020 and all other council meetings until the present emergency is over.
In accordance with the regulations any appointment which would usually be made at the Annual General Meeting will now be made at the next meeting or, if the Council decides otherwise, whichever is the earlier. it is currently anticipated that the next Annual Council Meeting will take place in May 2021.
If there are any issues you wish to about village matters please contact the Clerk Mrs Heather Kemp. Parish Councillors will keep in contact by email.      dwpc3358@gmail.com
Recent reports from
Somerset Rivers Authority




Meeting on 8 July 2019 (at pavilion)
Apologies received from Mr J Walker.
Minutes of the last meeting on 13 May 2019 were read and signed.
Arising - the Beech Tree was planted for a Jubilee or the 1937 or 1953 Coronation.
Planning - The new proposals for the land opposite Castle Cottage were felt to be safer. The entrance would be off Orchard Hill and not on the corner. There had been one objection from a neighbour. It was confirmed to the owner who was in attendance that there would be no objections from the Parish Council from the new application.
There was an application to demolish a side extension to Little Garth and no objections were raised.
Footpaths - Mrs Hollard confirmed arrangements had been made to repair the steps and handrail above Holloway. The footpath across the field by the Beech Tree was to remain as present.
Finance - a cheque was raised for work on the hedge along Church Path. It has been agreed to keep an eye on vegetation and if no cut is done by Highways shortly then we would make arrangements for the work to be carried out privately.
Mrs Vijeh was shown correspondence regarding proposed footpath changes. We confirmed to het that we were against any moves and she has agreed to take it up with SCC.
Mrs Osborne advised that the changes to the SSDC website planning pages was not working as it should and that people had difficulty in accessing it. She also confirmed the application to put a Carnival Float site in Park Lane had not been finalised. It could not go on the old Horlicks site as this was now earmarked for housing.
The water is still discoloured in the area, this has been happening since November 2018. The parish Council will write to Wessex Water again for an explanation.
Next meeting on 09 September 2019 at Speke Hall.
AGM & Parish Council Meeting on 13 May 2019
The election on the 02 May 2019 - 7 residents sought election and so were unopposed.
Apologies were received from Mrs P Hollard, Mrs P Amos, Mr R Beale and Mrs Vijeh.
Also attending PSCO Toby, who unfortunately had to leave before the meeting started to attend to an incident.
Mr J Perry was nominated and voted as Chairman, Mrs H Kemp as Clerk, Mr J Walker as Vice Chairman, Tree Warden and Treasurer and Mrs P Hollard as Footpaths and Ms N Dodd to look after website.
Thanks were expressed to retired members Mrs C Rose who had served for 20 years, Mr Reilly who had served 16 years and Mrs Perry who had served for over 40 years.
Past Planning Applications.
Two houses in Apple Close, Buildings at Mill Lane Fruit Farm, Storage Barns at Moolham Farm, the carnival site in Park Lane, Scrumpy Cottage land proposed cottage, Keepers Cottage alterations, buildings at Oxenford Farm and conversion of site opposite Castle Cottage
The church wall and railings had been repaired by Highways and a tree stump removed from Holloway. The telephone box had been repainted by the community. Mr S Whithead had kept the gulley's free of debris and Mr Mortimer had cut the grass in Cudworth Road. Mr Rich cut back the vegetation in Holloway.
After fundraising two defibrillators had been purchased, one is now outside the New Inn and the other outside Perry's Cider office.
Small cheques had been raised to cover costs of hedge cutting, path clearance and office sundries. Grants had been given to Speke Hall, St Andrews Church and Lawrence Kellet Playing Field for grass maintenance.
Matters arising. Still awaiting details regarding Beech Tree. The New Inn has been turned down for registering as a community asset, Mrs Osborne suggested that we wait for a time as Speke Hall and the pavilion had lots of recent publicity.
Gigaclear now started work in the village. Holloway closed for a short time for essential water works.
Mr Fowler attended the meeting regarding the planning permission application he had made for the site opposite Castle Cottage. He was told that this Parish Council had had no objections to the planned building but were not happy with the proposed vehicle access. New drawings will be submitted.
The next meeting will be 08 July at the pavilion due to Speke Hall being closed for refurbishment.
Parish Council Members up to 01 May 2019
Mr Jonathan Perry - Chairman
Mrs Heather Kemp - Clerk
Mrs Caroline Marguerite Perry
Mr Cyril Rose
Mr Hugh Reilly
Mr John Walker - Tree Warden
Mrs Patricia Hollard
Meeting on 11 March 2019
Apologies received from Mrs Perry and Mrs Vijeh.
Minutes of the meeting held on 11 January were read and signed.
SSDC - Tree Officer has been approached regarding the Beech tree near the track to the water works. He will approach Dillington to see that it is not damaged and we have been asked to find out its history.
Concerning the carnival building at Park Lane, Mrs Osborne said it needs a business and road survey done as the one produced already was not good enough.
The application for the building opposite Castle Cottage has been withdrawn.
Planning - Gable End in Mill Lane has applied for old units to be demolished and a new bungalow put in place.
Oxenford Farm has applied for a new layout for animals and a feed store.
Scrumpy Cottage land has applied for a new cottage with no objections from Parish Council.
Moolham Farm has no objections from Parish Council for recent building plans.
The parish Council objected to the proposals to move the footpaths in Moolham Lane and Council House field.
Mrs Hollard has suggested the Parish Council take over the footpaths and will contact the Mr Braunton at SCC re this matter.
Finance - Cheques were issued for hedge work behind the seat, printing and postage stamps and a printer cartridge.
Mrs Osborne advised the SSDC are thinking of purchasing properties outside the area.
Mr Perry said that the Parish Council has applied for the New Inn to be a community asset.
Both Mr Reilly, Mr Rose and Mrs Perry have confirmed that they will not seek re-election. The election will be held on 02 May 2019. We are aware of 3 residents who are willing to stand.
The next Meeting will be the AGM on 13 May 2019.
Meeting on 14 January 2019
Apologies received from Mrs Perry and Mrs Vijeh.
All other members of the Parish Council attended as wells as Mrs Osborne and two residents.
Minutes of the meeting held on 12 November 2019 were read and signed.
Arising matters - Mrs Osborne reported that Gigaclear had done work in Oxenford but had not completed. The box in Mill Lane was repositioned as the favoured position would have been dangerous.
Planning - Ilminster Town Council had applied for a building in the fields off Park Lane to enable carnival floats to be built. Both DWPC, Seavington and Kingstone meetings were against the proposal. The local roads were not suitable, nor is the area suitable for such a development.
Mrs Osborne reported the applicationfor a building opposite Castle Cottage has been reported to area west committee.
An application to move the footpath over the field from Moolham Lane and also the Beech tree has been received by SCC. after discussion it was decided we were against the change of route as it is not direct and would be longer to walk.
A decision in the Precept for 2019/2020 to be deferred to the next meeting together with any grants if money is  available.
This year is due an election for Parish Councils in May 2019.
The next meeting will be on 11 March 2019.
Meeting on 12 November 2018
Apologies received from Mr Rose, Mr Riley, Mrs Perry, Mrs Hollard and Mrs Vijeh.
All other members of the Parish Council attended as Mrs Osborne and two residents.
Minutes of the meeting held on 17 September were read and signed.
Invoices for payment - a cheque for £392.23 was paid towards the two defibrillators for the village, one to be installed outside the New Inn and the other outside the offices of Perry's Cider. A meeting at the New Inn will demonstrate how to use them.
An invoice from Mr Crabb for the Church Path upkeep has been received.
The highways will no longer provide free salt for the bins - Mr Walker reported all three were satisfactory.
Planning - an application to replace the old building opposite the old Castle Inn has been made. After discussion it was agreed that the splay for the site was not suitable and that the road is dangerous with speeding traffic. The Parish Council has repeated asked over 25 years that a speed limit at Kingstone be regulated but to no avail. We ask that Highways do a survey on speed and volume of traffic, especially coming from the Crewkerne direction.
It has been remembered that there is no footpath along that road and that damage in the past has been due to vehicles entering and leaving Castle Cottage and the Toll House. Parish Council to liase with Kingstone.
An application from Ilminster Town Council for buildings in Park Lane for Carnival Floats has been raised. No notification to either Dowlish or Kingstone has been received. It was stated that it is not a suitable site for such use and that cattle barns had been recently built close by. It would turn this area into a small industrial area, out of keeping with the nearby area and a change of use would be needed.
Mrs Osborne reported that there were continual cuts taking place by SCC and seemed likely that SSDC would have to take over some of the responsibilities. 
The library in Ilminster is to be kept.
A letter of thanks was to be sent to the two families who had painted the village telephone box recently.
It is still unsure when Gigaclear will start and finish work on the broadband installation in the area  but was noted that Moolham Lane has now been done.
The next meeting will be on the 14th January 2019.
Meeting on 17 September 2018
Apologies received from Mr Walker. Mrs Perry and Mrs Vijeh. All other members of the Parish Council attended as well as two residents and Mrs Osborne.
Minutes of the meeting held on 09 July were read and signed.
Arising - Mr Perry reported on his communication with Highways, the County Arborist to view the trees in Holloway and they do not intend to put calming measures on the Kingstone/Moolham road junction and also no tarmac will be put below church wall in place of the shrubs. The roadside wall below the church is being repaired.Again our roadside verges were cut late. 
Mr Brown has been paid to cut Church Path hedge.
Planning - the proposed dwellings in Apple Close have been passed. The one for land belonging to Scrumpy Cottage has been refused. The application for a storage barn at moolham Farm has been withdrawn. Both drawings for Moolham Farm did not show the footpath. The Fruit Farm have resubmitted their application.
Councillors report - Mrs Osborned outlined the problems SCC have with the finances and many cuts will have to made - fewer roads will be gritted, the Park and Ride will only be run for 12 months by Taunton Deane Council who are hoping to keep it going and cuts will be made to all services. SSDC are still looking at the possibility of joining another council. It was noted that there is a housing shortfall.
With regard to the defibrillators - Nicky from the New Inn, Jon Perry and Becky had a meeting to discuss funds. It was agreed that one will be positioned outside of The New Inn and on the wall outside Perry's Office. The New Inn had a very successful BBQ and with the previous village fund raising it was felt the purchase of the two defibrillators could be investigated.
Wessex Water are to investigate why the water supply is discoloured. 
The next meeting is on 12 November 2018.
Meeting on 09 July 2018
All members of the Parish Council attended. Two residents from Dowlish Wake were also in attendance.
Minutes of the meeting after the AGM were read and signed.
It was confirmed that Nicky Dodd from the New Inn had been reimbursed for the annual cost of the website.
It was commented on the way the hedges had been cut by Dinnington, very hit and miss. The speed of traffic approaching Moolham Lane from Crewkerne direction has been raised again. If Openreach were to do any maintenance on that corner then it would be difficult to see the traffic. Highways to be approached about this again.
A letter of thanks had been sent to the Street Scene in Yeovil to thank them for the way they cut and tidy the green area.
Planning - There was a proposal in place to convert a barn at the Fruit Farm in Mill Lane. No news has been received regarding a building on land connected to Scrumpy Cottage or the proposed house on Apple Close or the removal of agricultural tie at Ashfield Farm.
As in previous years it was agreed to give grants to the Church, Speke Hall and Playing Field for the upkeep of the grass outside the buildings.
There have been leaflets distributed by Gigaclear. This firm is contracted by the government to provide broadband facilities for every resident. It entails digging up the road and diversions will be put in place. They hope to do the work in this area by the end of next year.
The new pavilion is to have an opening on 22 July 2018, it looks great from the outside.
Dowlish and Chillington combined for the duck race and each village will receive back the money raised in each village. An update is to be sought on the defibrillator project.
The next meeting will be on 17 September 2018. 
Meeting on 14 May 2018
All members of the Parish Council attended. Apologies were made on behalf of Mrs Vijeh and Mrs Osborne who couldn't attend. 10 residents from Dowlish Wake were also in attendance.
The minutes for the annual meeting of 08 May 2017 were taken as correct.
In his report Mr Perry said there were 5 planning applications during the last year. Conversions of Wallbridge Farm, the Pavilion, new windows in the The Mount, extension to 5 The Cross at Kingstone and Shuddrick Lane.
A meeting with Mrs Osborne and Highways about speeding from Kingstone into Moolham Lane to be referred to another highways department. The Church wall was inspected but a report had not been received. The bridge was still slippery but now that the Conifer had been cut back then that should help. Robin Rich kindly cut the bank through Holloway as we were last on the list for verge cutting. The Police closed Holloway as a tree had come down. Highways to report on this too.
Sorry that the farm managed by Sue and David Osborne aws being sold. Mr Crabb's section had been sold earlier and now has many users.
The District Council will only notify planning decisions by email and Mr Walker has opened a page for this purpose. The splendid Pavilion is now nearly finished and the committee should be complimented. It is probably unknown that there are residents who carry out work in the village - Mr Whitehead keeps drains free and rods them throughout the village, Mr Rich and Mr Osborne cleared away the mud left after fllods near the bridge, Mr Mortimer cuts back the Cudworth Road verges and has put a seat along the Church Path and finally Mr & Mrs Hollard keep an eye on footpaths in the area.
A Precept of £2500 had been received. The amount is kept low. Cheques were raised for Insurance, Church Path maintenance and behind the seat, Hollaway cutting and stationary. Grants to Speke Hall, the Church and Playing Field were given for ground maintenance. Balance end of March £2802.
Mrs Rose suggested Mr Perry for Chairman, unanimously endorsed and Mrs Kemp for Clerk with the help of Mr Walker.
The Warren Trust had applied to build two houses in Apple Close between no.9 and Wallbridge Byre, the houses in the field and garages against the Byres boundary. The residents attending were asked for their comments and reasons against which were being too close to no.9, loss of privacy to the above houses and Fordbridge House (which is lower than the proposed site, the field does not retain water and run off would happen to the Byre), it was too narrow for two properties and not in keeping with those already in Apple Close and would not have the same plot size. Too much tarmac was also proposed which would give run off problems and there would be no rear access. These comments were passed to SSDC and also the need for properties to be joined to the main sewerage system. The Parish Council wanted to see the full plans before any decision was made.
A cheque for £248.84 was raised for insurance and £7474 for SALC.
Mr Walker signed off 2017/2018 accounts. Please see below.
Worries about Gigaclear letters were received. Most against them going over any properties.
The danger of the car opposite the Old Rectory were raised, it belongs to Glebe Cottage and is dangerously parked on the bend.
The next meeting is Monday 09 July in Speke Hall.
Meeting on 12 March 2018
All members of the Parish Council attended with the exception of Liz Perry whose apologies were received. Mrs Vijeh and Mrs Osborne also attended.
Mrs Vijeh advised she had another meeting to attend where there was ongoing discussions regarding the school system in Ilminster and also the library. She confirmed the meeting with Mr Perry and Highways concerning the junction at Moolham Lane, Kingstone and Dowlish Wake regarding the speed of traffic from the Ilminster / Crewkerne road. It is to be followed up as is the wall below the church. Mrs Vijeh to follow up.
Discussions on the precept to be deferred to the next meeting.
The planning application for the Nook has been withdrawn.
It was suggested a letter be sent regarding the sale of Council farms and in particular Oxenford Farm. One part of the Oxenford estate had already been sold. It was pointed out that S.C.C. had never communicated with the Parish Council regarding the sales.
The new pavilion is progressing well despite the recent heavy snow.
The next meeting will be the AGM on 14 May 2018 in Speke Hall.
Meeting on 08 January 2018
Apologies were received from Mrs Perry, all other members attended together with Mrs Linda Vijeh. Apologies also made for the cancelled meeting in November 2017. September minutes were read, agreed and signed.
Mrs Vijeh has been asked to obtain advice on the Moolham Lane/Ilminster and Crewkerne road junction regarding speeding traffic and possibly replace the rumble strips for something more obvious. Highways are to be asked again for the report on the church path wall.
Payments have been made to Mr Fuller, Mr Crabb and Mr Rich for their work carried out within the village, hedges, paths and road bank.
Letter has been sent to SSDC regarding the proposed housing review and the impact it could have on small villages and towns.
The Mount's planning application has been approved.
The pavilion committee to be congratulated on all the hard work to raise funds for the replacement building. It was hoped that in the near future a fence could be erected around the play area so it would be more hygienic and also to look again at the equipment for younger users.
It was noted that at the moment there are 13 children of the age of 14 and under living within the village.
It was recorded that the river was across the road twice during the Christmas period.
The next meeting is scheduled for the 12 March 2018.
Meeting on 13 November 2017
The meeting is cancelled.
The next meeting is scheduled for 08 January 2018.
Meeting on 11 September 2017
All Parish Council members attended together with the representatives from SSDC and SCC.
The minutes of the last meeting on 10 July 2017 were read and signed.
It was noted that the wall supporting the footpath from Perrys had been inspected. It was considered a danger at the moment and would be monitored by the footpath officer.
It was noted that the local boundaries were under review. Wayford and West Crewkerne  could merge with Crewkerne but Winsham would stay as it is. After discussion it was agreed that we would like Windwhistle Ward to stay as it is and a letter be sent to confirm our feelings. Mrs Osborne stated most of the changes would be where considerable redevelopment had taken place.
The audit report had been received and a small point raised. AON will no longer be our insurance provider next year, instead Aviva would take over as of March 2018.
No objections were raised for the extension at No.4 Kingstone Cross.
Mrs Vijeh was informed that the surface repairs had been completed throughout the village however the rumble strips had not been reinstated after the last road surfacing. Any problems should be reported before the end of September 2017.
Mrs Osborne stated a review of 'Local Plan' up to 2038 was in progress and as from 2020 no financial help from the government so local councils would rely on house and business tax receipt. The sale of County Farms to be looked at again.
The hedge behind the seat near the ford was due to be cut soon.
The trees in Speke Hall car park have been inspected for disease.
The next meeting is scheduled for 13 November 2017.
Meeting on 10 July 2017
All Parish Council members attended together with Mrs Osborne the District Councillor - apologies were received from Mrs Vijeh the Somerset Council Representative.
The minutes of the last meeting on 08 May 2017 were read and signed. Arising from the minutes was the question of the roadside wall along Church Path. No further reports had been received from Highways. They are to be notified regarding the overgrown roadside banks and many of the road junctions need cutting back i.e. Park Lane/Kingstone - Moolham / Ilminster. The road surface opposite Wallbridge had also been reported due to the hot weather in the end of June.
An updated and amended plan for the Pavilion had been received and no objections were made. It was noted that the trees planted were to be safeguarded.
In Mrs Osborne's report she had advised that there was to be a boundary review before the 2019 election. Unused council properties might be leased out. Housing land suitable for development was to be looked into.
Other business - Mr Ruiz had reported concern with the wall to the footpath from the Cider Mill. It is to be inspected and who was responsible to be confirmed. Yellow discs were wanted to clearly show  the correct way for footpaths. The village heritage site was progressing well. Mrs Osborne confirmed that the farms at Oxenford were being put up for sale by the County Council.
The next meeting is scheduled for 11 September 2017 in Speke Hall.
Meeting on 08 May 2017
All Parish Council members attended together with the County Councillor and District Councillor and two village residents.
Details of the last meeting were confirmed.
In the last year there have been six planning applications.
The village website had been started under the care of Nicky Dodd and Louise Peachey-Burchett.
Mr & Mrs Hollard are now overseeing the footpaths in the area. Thanks were given to Julia and Liz for all their help in the past. The S.C.C. had positioned new gates on some of the pathways.
Mr Perry will follow up recording The New Inn as a village and community asset so as to safeguard any future development of the pub and safeguard the present hosts.
Mr Perry was confirmed as Chairman for the coming year.
Highways had been contacted regarding concern raised about the road side wall below Church Path. A structural team had inspected it and a report is pending.
A proposed extension to the rear of Wallbridge Farm received no objections. Shudrick Lane appeal had been dismissed.
Mrs Coler is progressing with the history of Dowlish Wake and has reached the 1600's. Everyday coverage of the village will be done by Nicky and Louise.
Next meeting on 10 July 2017.
April 2017 updates
The Shudrick Lane development had the appeal overturned, permission to develop the site has been refused.
Plans for the Pavilion have been given permission.
Meeting on 13 March 2017
All members of the Parish Council were present together with the District Council member and two residents.
Minutes of the meeting on the 09th January were read. From the minutes it was confirmed that no reply had been received from Highways regarding the wall to Church Path and pot holes in Ludney Lane and Mill Lane. Application was to made for Article 4 to cover The New Inn should conversion to housing be considered. This will also safeguard the present hosts, Richard and Nicky. Mr & Mrs Hollard have undertaken to be Footpath wardens. New footpath gates had been installed making it easier to walk the footpaths.
The SSDC tree officer, Mr Poulton has inspected the large Oak Tree close to the proposed new pavilion. He requested that the building should take into account the roots. A further meeting is to be held regarding the appeal for Shudrick Lane development. Canal Way is still the preferred way for future housing development.
The top surface of the bridge was again causing concern. It was again slippery.
The next Parish Council meeting is the AGM on 08th May 2017
Meeting on 09 January 2017
All council members attended together with representatives of SCC and SSDC and two residents of Dowlish Wake.
The Minutes were read and agreed. Mrs Vijeh advised that the Wine Tasting event for the Pavilion fund was a great success. The appeal for Shudruck Lane development was scheduled for 17 January 2017. She also confirmed that the weight restriction for vehicles had been lifted on the Crewkerne/Ilminster road at Townsend. Yarlington Housing was still intending to sell off old properties.
The Council are looking into the repair of the roadside wall along the church path with the Highways Department.
Cheques have been issued for accounts for the hedge and footpath maintenance. It was decided that the precept for 2017/2018 would remain the same.
Mrs Fossberg and Mrs Cable had been thanked for their work on the various footpaths.
Mrs Perry showed the meeting the proposed road layout at the bottom of Orchard Hill/Townsend. With no weight limits it could mean that the roads would be used by heavy goods vehicles. If this was the case the junction at Kingstone would become even more dangerous, especially with the speed that is currently experienced. Also the junction of Shudruck Lane/Ditton Street for HGV would be difficult should the Shudruck Lane development be given the go-ahead. The action group are to be approached regarding Kibbies Lane. Plans for the Nook and Holmfield have been passed for development.
The next meeting to be held on 13th January 2017 at Speke Hall at 7.30pm.
Meeting on 14 November 2016
Attended by all of the above apart from Mrs Perry who sent in her apologies.
Other attendees Linda Vejah (SSC) and Sue Osborne (SSDC)
Minutes of the 12th September meeting were read.
It was confirmed that highways had inspected Mill Lane and Ludney Lane and repairs should be in their 2017 schedule.
Mrs Vijeh reported that the Shudrick Lane appeal had been set for the 17th January 2017. With regard to the terrible Pavilion fire, she was planning a wine tasting session on the 06th January to support the Pavilion appeal.
A planning application to extend The Nook at Kingstone had been received. No objections to the proposals were made.
Mr Walker advised that drawings for the replacement Pavilion were in the pipeline.
Mrs Osborne suggested that the New Inn be registered as a community asset. This would safeguard the building and landlord. We were also told that Yarlington were intending to sell old properties to help with new.
It was recorded that the Pavilion fire took place on the 13th October 2016 and everyone was naturally upset as it had been a major part of the village life with so many memories of events and activities over the years.
The next meeting to be held on 09th January 2017 at Speke Hall at 7.30pm.

Geographic coordinates:
Latitude: 50.91° N
Longitude: 2.89° W
Elevation: 210 ft / 64 m

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